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Meet the
Colby  Family

Established in 1960

Colby Farm began operating in 1960, with 1st generation farmer, William Colby, who passed away in late 2020. Today, his son, J.R. Colby, and partner Elizabeth Knight run the farm.


Farming 200 acres of hay and vegetable in the Newbury area provides our farm store with fresh produce and our horse and cattle customers with quality feed for their animals. Our goal is to provide your family with safe, local food while being mindful of the ecology of our area and the environment in general.

old farmstand.jpg 2013-8-9-20-10-15.png
Colby Farmstand circa 2000
original colby 59 apache.jpg
Colby Farmstand circa 1987

Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free


At Colby Farm we grow and raise many of the products we sell at our farmstand in the fields of the surrounding area. 

Our farm store, located in Newbury's historic Common Pasture is just outside of Newburyport and located on Scotland Road, directly off of Interstate 95 and Route 1.

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