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Why is our Colby Farms pork so good?


We carefully tend to our 60, or so, hogs from the time they're little piglets here on our farm right up to the time we prepare them for sale at our farmstand. You can't get much fresher than that! We raise our hogs with NO anti-biotics, NO growth hormones and high quality feed. Plus, to elevate further elevate the pork quality, we cross-breed our Poland-China, Berkshire, Yorkshire, and Landrace                                                    breeds. We flash freeze the meat once its cut

                               to maintain optimal freshness and                    

                               delicious flavor.


                              If you've been a grocery store pork chop

                              connessieur all your life, we guarantee you'll

                              how different local farm raised meat tastes.                                     You're taste buds will thank you too.